How To Replace Your Shower Head’s Holder Bracket (Update)

Having a broken or worn out holder for shower heads can be a very irritating situation, but you don’t have to go to the nearby store and purchase a whole new shower head set. You know why? Because in this article we are going to tell you exactly how you can fix the holder all by yourself, a complete DIY guide.

You only need to get a new holder, they are available in chrome, brass, brushed nickel and bronze so you can choose what fits your liking. It is a fairly easy job replacing and fixing a shower head holder with a new one.

We are going to go in a step by step process of replacing a shower head holder

Start by removing the shower head
Start by removing the shower head

Start by removing the shower head

Obviously, you would need to remove the shower head first to start the replacement.

Just remove the end of shower hose from the shower holder, but remember to leave the opposite end attached to the handheld shower. You are going to need the hose and the handheld shower later on so do not disassemble it completely, just keep the shower head’s washers in a safe place.

 Remove the damaged holder

After removing with shower head with the hose the only remaining thing will be the shower head holder. Use pliers and grips to remove the holder as it may require some force and doing to get it removed as after a long time it will refuse to come out easily. Once removed dispose of it in the bin.

Now you may replace it with the holder for shower heads you purchased from the nearby store. Make sure you have a durable holder with a longer life, plastic holders usually break earlier than expected.

Inspect your shower arm pipe
Inspect your shower arm pipe

Inspect your shower arm pipe

It is better to inspect your shower arm pipe for any corrosion or if it is worn out from anywhere. Also, remember to clean your shower arm pipe’s thread from any debris and particles. You can always clean the thread with an old cloth and remove the Teflon tape and clean the debris.

If the pipe is too worn out then it will require replacement.

Place new Teflon tape

Once you have cleaned the arm pipe start by replacing the old Teflon tape with a new one on the threads of the pipe. The new tape will add a stronger seal on the threads to stop any leaks in the future.

Remember to place the thread the same way you would twist the handheld shower on the shower arm otherwise, the thread will loosen and the Teflon tape will unwind causing leaks.

When you have placed the tape smoothen it out by pressing your fingers around it.

Place new Teflon tape
Place new Teflon tape

Install the new holder

Now you can place the new holder, first by tightening it by hand and then by a wrench. Remember to place the rubber washer correctly, so that it is seated properly inside the holder mount threads.

Place the shower head back to the hose

You can now attach the shower head back to the hose. Remember to place all the washers which you kept safely so that there aren’t any leaks, washers are always placed at the end of the fitting.

You can easily hand tighten it instead of using a grip wrench, but if you think there is a need for a grip wrench then you may use it.

Check for any leaks, test it

Run some water through the shower to check if there are any leaks from the places you installed and placed the washer. If all is good then you can put away the tools but if there are any leaks you may need to tighten the threads with a wrench in order to stop the leaks or you may have to disassemble to check if any washer is out of its place. 

Check for any leaks, test it
Check for any leaks, test it

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Taking Shower Quotes

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