I think you would all agree with me when I say it is very difficult to find a high-quality person nowadays.

Everything got changed.

Our lifestyle. Our emotions. Our feelings. Everything.

We are like freaking robots. Our life is all about going to work, paying bills and faking smiles every day.

So, how can you find a lifetime partner in all that hustle?

How is it possible to find your soulmate?

Is there some magical formula that can help us to be truly happy with our loved one?

I don’t think so!

It’s all about love and mutual respect.

Maybe it is more difficult for guys to find a high-quality woman. For women, it is easier—we have our sixth sense. I know it never let me down so I consider it a blessing.

But what about guys?

How they can be truly happy? Well, I can help you with that.

Here is the list of 10 qualities that make her a keeper. If you are seeking the love of your life, I suggest you keep reading.

1. She is positive.

She is positive
She is positive

Is there anything better than a positive and optimistic woman that raises you up, no matter how difficult your life is?

A woman that is there to comfort you and tell everything will be okay is someone you need to cherish. Don’t forget to tell her how special she is.


2. She is calm, cool and collected.

She is calm, cool and collected
She is calm, cool and collected

A woman that behaves well in stressful situations is a real keeper. You can be sure that all your problems will be smaller than they actually are because she will make you feel that way.

This is a woman who never surrenders and always tries to make everything work.

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3. She is wearing her heart openly.

She is wearing her heart openly
She is wearing her heart openly

No matter whether she feels good or bad, she will express her feelings. With a woman like this, you can be sure that there are no secrets in your relationship.

That’s the way she is and she can’t behave differently. If this is not a keeper, I don’t know what is. Feelings count, right?

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4. She supports you.

She supports you
She supports you

No matter if we are talking about your career or your life goals, she will always be there to support you.

This makes her a real keeper and if you find a woman like this, you can consider yourself lucky.


5. She is unique.

She is unique
She is unique

From the way she smiles to the way she talks, everything about her is so unique.

Unique women are worth waiting for because life with them will never be boring.

In fact, it will be amazing because you will reveal new, cool things about her every single day.


6. She has her career.

She has her career
She has her career

A woman who knows what she wants from her life is extremely sexy.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to spend my life with someone who keeps trying until they reach their final goal.

It means she is perspective and wants to please herself just like the people around her.

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7. She can drink a lot.

She can drink a lot
She can drink a lot

Hey dude, if you want to take this girl out, you should have some cash put aside.

I am not saying she is an alcoholic but she will always drink a couple of beers more when being in good company. At least, you will know that life with her will always be fun.


8. She makes you happy.

She makes you happy
She makes you happy

Life is not all about big stuff. It is also about small stuff made with love.

One short text for good morning can make your whole day. If you have a woman like this, never let her go!

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9. She accepts you the way you are.

She accepts you the way you are
She accepts you the way you are

You leave the closet door open or you never clean a bathroom after taking a shower. So, what? She is totally okay with that and it means she loves you in spite of all those things. You should cherish her because a woman like this can’t be found just around the corner!


10. She loves you.

She loves you
She loves you

This is the final touch.

Everything is in vain if she doesn’t love you. If you feel that she loves you like crazy, be a real man and put a ring on it!

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11. If she’s authentic.

If she’s authentic
If she’s authentic

Find the girl who comes into your life and is so different than anyone else it makes you wonder. Find the girl who beats entirely to her own drum. Find a girl who is unapologetically herself even when it makes her look bad sometimes. An authentic girl will be the one who redefines any previous standard you’ve ever had because in a life where everyone is told to play by some rule she’s the girl who has created her own.


12. If she wears her heart on her sleeve.

If she wears her heart on her sleeve
If she wears her heart on her sleeve

The girl who wears her heart on her sleeve has a confidence and respect for herself. She knows her value and if she cares enough to pour her heart out into everyone and everything she’s going to be successful. She’s going to teach you in a life where people tell you to think too much, she’s going to tell you to feel too much and follow that.

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13. If she supports your career and goals.

If she supports your career and goals
If she supports your career and goals

Everyone is trying to figure out their own life. Everyone wants to be happy. If you find a girl willing to back you no matter how unrealistic your goals may seem or how far out there they are, the girl that supports you in pursuing that is the reason you’ll succeed. Find the girl who will sit there calmly and support you when you want to change something in your life. Find the girl whose happiness is defined by yours and will do anything to make that dream a reality.

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14. If she’s funny.

If she’s funny
If she’s funny

Find the girl who laughs at her own jokes even if you don’t find them funny. You see her laughing and you can’t help but laugh because of it. The girl with a sense of humor will keep you smiling until you’re old.

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15. If she challenges you.

If she challenges you
If she challenges you

Finding the girl who motivates you to want to be a better man and do a little more is so rare. It’s challenging you to see something from someone else’s perspective. It’s challenging you in a way that makes you improve yourself. It’s her impact on your life changing you into someone you’re even more proud to be.

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16. If she’s genuinely kind.

If she’s genuinely kind
If she’s genuinely kind

Find the girl who no one speaks badly of. Find the girl who doesn’t say a bad word about others. Find the girl who appreciates what you do and says thank you too much. Find the girl who cares more about others than she does herself. This will be the girl who loves you unconditionally and with all of her heart. This will be the girl who raises your kids to be the best type of person.

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17. If she’s optimistic.

If she’s optimistic
If she’s optimistic

Find the girl you look forward to seeing. The girl who enters the room and you immediately smile a little bigger without even noticing. Find the girl who knows how to handle a really shitty deck of cards and try and find the good in the situation. This girl will be your rock. This girl will be strong when you can’t. This girl will make your life better just by being in it.

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18. If she’s willing to make sacrifices.

If she’s willing to make sacrifices
If she’s willing to make sacrifices

Find the girl who is willing to do anything for you. Compromising is so important in a relationship. Find the girl who says yes when you really need her. The girl who will always find a way to make it work.

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19. If she’s honest even when it hurts.

If she’s honest even when it hurts
If she’s honest even when it hurts

Find the girl who is going to be so brutally honest with you even if it makes you uncomfortable. The girl who will tell it like it is. The girl who isn’t afraid to say something even if it hurts her to say it. Honesty is the foundation everything needs to be built on because with honesty comes trust.

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20. If she accepts your flaws.

If she accepts your flaws
If she accepts your flaws

Before we get to know people we think everyone is perfect. Then as we peel back layers we realize who they really are. Everyone comes with baggage and flaws, find the girl who is willing to take that on herself. Find the girl who sees your flaws as something beautiful. Find the girl who makes you forget you have them in the first place. Find the girl who still thinks you’re perfect in her eyes even as she gets to know you.

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21. If she takes risks.

If she takes risks
If she takes risks

Find the girl who you tell some crazy plan to and her response is ‘let’s do it.’ Find the girl who would sporadically get on a plane with you and go somewhere. Find the girl who pushes you to live a life you want to remember. Find the girl who isn’t afraid to go off the edge and you know it’s okay because you’re holding her hand.

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22. If she has her own life and goals.

If she has her own life and goals
If she has her own life and goals

It’s so important to find a girl who is already established. Girls date when they are bored. Women date when they are ready and have something to offer someone. Date someone with a solid career. Date the person who knows exactly where she wants to be in a few years. Date her if she has an actual list of goals and is ambitious. Date the girl who doesn’t need you but wants you.

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23. If you love her.

If you love her
If you love her

You’re going to come across someone one day and you just realize ‘this is the person I want in my future’ and you do everything you possibly can to make that future your reality. She going to be this person who simply makes you happy to be alive and standing next to her just makes you better knowing you were good enough that she looked your way.

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