The Pakistani Female-led AI Startup we should be talking about!

Every day there are number of people, who introduce their startups to world at international level but how many of them sustain their position in market? Very few! And from those few how many come from South Asian countries? Hardly any!

But surprisingly, in these male dominant South Asian countries a woman came and conquered the AI word with her innovative idea.

Lady who stole the show with grace!

To world surprise a Pakistani lady won over number of entrepreneurs and made her country stand out in the field of Artificial intelligence. That proves the intelligence and hard work of Pakistan at international level.

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The story of success:

The journey of the Pakistan’s lady success started when Startup Chile’s “The S manufacturing facility” announced for submissions of entries by female entrepreneurs from the field of technology. Around 153 entries were submitted from which 23 ideas were approved by TSF. From 13 different countries consisting of 23 different intelligent projects, Pakistan stood out as the only country from South Asia.

The story of success
The story of success

Motivational Quotes For Successful Life

Don’t count mistakes even you learn more from mistakes. Don’t let it stop you, mistakes are the proof that you are learning.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine—and shadows will fall behind you.” —Walt Whitman

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“You Learn More From Failure Than From Success. Don’t Let It Stop You. Failure Builds Character.” – Unknown

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to chase them.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” —Amelia Barr

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The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will.

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Motivational Quotes For Successful Life
Motivational Quotes For Successful Life

The hard work spoke itself!

Hard work never fails but when it meets with intelligence and dedication; hard work becomes inevitable triumph of success. Hard work and intelligence formed a group named Alveena Sohail, Javeria Jabbar, Talha Yasin, and Hassan Kamal who founded an AI startup in 2018 called “Civixa”

Role of Civixa in international AI market:

With fast moving data speed, it becomes very difficult to catch the customer and provide them with best services at same point. Similarly to educate a machine is the new trend which is getting hold of artificial intelligence. Civxa feel this changing trend and come up with some brilliant features like;

  • Human Data Collection
  • API Integration
  • Personalized Civixa
The hard work spoke itself
The hard work spoke itself

Let’s explore Civixa’s features:

1.      Civixa’s Annotations:

Annotation is the feature of artificial intelligence. According to Thesis Writing Services, with right annotation one can rule the world of technology. In this era of pinterest ,instagram and  snapchat it is very for companies to get right tag and text on their images which can direct the machine to the main source. To solve this issue Machine learning or artificial learning annotation is needed which means labeling is done on images in text form.


There are number of annotations are offered by Civixa like:

Annotation Type




The labeling of 2D images with help of cuboid projections is dealt here. This type meaning labeling of vehicle, pedestrian tracks etc. with cuboid annotation the 2D object is converted to 3D and labeled accordingly.


The   labeling of irregular shapes like logos, human gesture or postures, street lights etc.


It becomes very difficult when labeling different layers of any object contour annotation can help one in doing this job

Semantic Segmentation

It is the labeling of each pixel of image with a name. It helps in understanding complete scene of a given scenario.

Poly Mask

The intersection of lines and polygonal features is done through Poly Mask.


This annotation deals with lined objects.
  Civixa’s Annotations
Civixa’s Annotations

2.  Human Data Collection:

When there is any information, only then the strategy can be made. Similarly, to capture the customer enterprises need big data to feed in the machines. Different machines require different data so it’s the job of Civixa to provide accurate data to the requirements of the machine.

3. API Integration:

The search of visual can be dealt with this feature which helps organization in productivity and research. Civixa provides annotation to random and raw images which is read by machines which help them in understanding the command.


4. Personalized Civixa:

The joy of having a customized service is what people love today. Civixa provided personalized annotation services to their clients.


The future of Civixa is bright, as it provides so many different services to its target audience. According to cheap dissertation writing services survey, there are number of women who will get motivated by this global recognition and will have courage to boost their own ideas on national or international levels. In fact, this will give a positive image of Pakistan on global level.

Startup Chile is a platform given to women entrepreneurs to practice their skills and prove their talent in the world. The big benefit that is given to women is they can prove themselves. They are asked to make and practice their ideas. The new interest of women in the technology has proved their intelligence in global world. They are free to do innovation through chile platform and are empowered and encouraged to share their talent.

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More winners of TSF9: here is the glimpse of them:

1.      Loro co: it’s the project of customized wheelchairs, which make it an easy experience for users.

2.      ZappyJaw: the digital way of encountering tooth decay by help of web application.

3.      Q-ion: the device to improve logistics.

4.      Prometeo: a gateway for open banking.

5.      Co-op Connect: digital tool to help corporate world to grow.

6.      ONHelp: a crypto platform that helps NGO’s donation process.

7.      Menu To Go: a service which speeded up the process of food delivery.

8.      Mercado Circular: the recycling tool for company use.

9.      Apadrinapp: a save house for rescued pets.

10.  Civixa: an annotation geek for business use.

11.  Boostcollect: tool to connect finances and market.

12.  LiveLink: IoT device rescue motorcycle accidents.

13.  Urban-Spark: tile installation service to recycle material

14.  Healthchain: a platform for quick transactions

15.  Llare: a platform to reduce cloth wastage.

16.  CoFood: precautionary app for food wastage.

17.  Guilt Free: a meat subsitutue platform generating.

18.  AccesOn: a digital platform to provide a better experience to users through bidirectional communication

19.  SplitSpace: a tool to find unutilized space for business.

20.  DILL – Digital Intelligent legal language: an AI tool to smooth legal process.

21.  Bellas Shop: platform and tool to connect beauty lovers.

22.  Lumas Health: system to help medical patients.

23.  Proyecto Moms: empower womens


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