Kashmir is Bleeding Poem

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5 February is celebrated as Kashmir day. It  is also known as “Kashmir Solidarity Day”. First time Kashmir day was celebrated by Pakistan in 1990. But Now  this day is recognized on the international level. Every year on 5th Feb, world specially  Pakistanis celebrates Kashmir Day to support their Kashmiri Brethren.This day is celebrated to support, solidarity and devotion for Kashmiri in their struggle against the atrocities of Indian.

In Pakistan Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed every year to show support for unity with the people of Maqbooza Kashmir. The day is marked to show Indian Occupied Kashmiri peoples efforts against aggressiveness.  It is also celebrated also pay homage to those who have sacrificed their lives in this conflict. The poets and writters has write their poems, quotes an shayari relatedd Kashmie day. Here, we  aregoing to give a few examples of the poetry and Quotes on Kashmir day.

Kashmir Day Quotes
Kashmir Day Quotes

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Kashmir Day Quotes

Our communities have been deeply enhanced by immigration, be it of Irish Catholics across the constituency or of Muslims from Gujarat in India or from Pakistan, principally from Kashmir.

I totally hate when somebody takes a classic and desecrates it. I like Jimmy Page and P. Diddy, but what they did to ‘Kashmir’ was a debacle.

Kashmiri people are fighting the war for freedom. And India cannot stop this freedom movement through atrocities, as Kashmir dispute is a problem of humanity, human rights, and freedom.

Nagpur to Kanyakumari and Kashmir, future Olympic medallists can come from anywhere. It is the passion that drives you, not the city, provided you get enough facilities.

I don’t know myself why directors are offering me negative roles, although I did ‘Yaddein’ after ‘Mission Kashmir’ in which I played a very positive character, but people don’t remember that.

Kashmir Day Poetry
Kashmir Day Poetry

Kashmir Day Poetry

Yaran e jahan kehty hain kashmir hai jannat..

Jannat kisi kafir ko mili hai na milay ge….!!!


Wadi Ma Bichi Ha Saf_E_Matam Ab Tk

Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk

Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay

Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tk.


Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak

Zalim Ki Barbadi Tak

Iraaq Oo Afghn Ki Shadbi Tk

Qibbala E Awaal Ki Bazybi Tk

Jang Rahy Gi Jang Rahy Gyi

Apni Unsy Jaang Rahy Gyi..!!!


Tu Ne Ujri Hui Jannat Ko Na Daikha Ho Tou,

Aa Mere Ujrey Howa Bikhrey, Howa KASHMIR Ko Daikh,

Dedicated To Self Determination In Kashmir


Kashmir Day Poetry
Kashmir Day Poetry

Kashmir is Bleeding Poem

Kashmir is bleeding,

Kashmiris are bleeding,

Bodies are bleeding,

Hearts are bleeding,

blood dipping from veins,

blood dipping from arteries,

some people are celebrating,

blood parties,

soil is red, rivers are red,

kashmiris are knot with blood thread,

every color is replaced with red,

every soul is forced dead,

sometimes you see headless, bodies,

sometimes you see bodies, headless,

people of Kashmir are peace less, restless,

Bullets and shells is the game of forces,

youths are taught, jail courses,

Eyes are blinded, legs are broken,

mothers are left, unspoken,

Kashmir is receiving rain of tears,

the world enjoys, no one cares,

Kashmir is a story of children less parent, parent less children,

unknown graves, land of martyr’s,

half widows and full widows,

disappearances and PSA’s,

custodial killings and killing at doors,

Kashmiri’s are kept under wicked veil,

so that their pains, no one feel,

The stream of blood is kept flowing,

Kashmiri’s are forced to keep roaring,

when will this blood shedding come to an end, o! world?

when will we live fearless, and bold?

Kashmir is Bleeding Poem
Kashmir is Bleeding Poem


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