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Chinese Valentine’s Day as double seventh festival in 2020 fall on August 7. It celebrated on the seventh day of seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar. Therefore, it is also called Chinese Double Seven Festival. This Double Seventh Festival in China, also known as Qixi Festival, which is as Valentine’s Day to the western countries. Another name using in the Chinese history is The Daughter’s Festival, which is the day for unmarried young girls looking for love. As it is a day of great importance to girls, the event is also called Young Girls’ Festival. Its a Young Girl’s Festival for them to pray for skillful hands for sewing. There is no public holiday for this festival in China.

This festival has been endowed with the meaning of great romance because of the beautiful and the romantic legend about Niu Lang and Zhi Nu. who were the weaver maid and the cowherd, respectively. The tale of The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd has been celebrated in the Qixi Festival since the Han Dynasty. The earliest-known reference to this famous myth dates back to over 2600 years ago, which was told in a poem from the Classic of Poetry. The Qixi festival inspired Tanabatafestival in Japan, Chilseok festival in Korea, and Thất Tịch festival in Vietnam. 

Chinese Valentines Day

The History and Traditions of Double Seventh Day

The festival has been celebrated since the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD). On May 20, 2015, the Double Seventh Festival was added to the National Intangible Cultural Heritage list by the State Council of China. Many of the traditional customs are disappearing, or no longer observed. You are more likely to find these practiced in rural areas:

1. Showing skills (demonstrating dexterity) was the most popular custom for women in the evening of Qixi. The longest standing way to “plead skills” was to speedily thread a needle under moonlight. Young women also carved exotic flowers, animals, and unusual birds, usually on a melon skin.

2. Worshiping the weaver fairy (the star Vega), Zhinü (/jrr-nyoo/) involved a table of offerings: tea, wine, fruits, longans, red dates, hazelnuts, peanuts, and melon seeds. In the evening young women sat around the table, displaying their needlework, gazing at Vega, and praying for a good husband and a happy life. Then they’d play games or read poems until midnight.

3. Honoring oxen: Children picked bunches of wild flowers and hung them on the horns of oxen in honor of the legendary ox. See below.

4. People made and ate ‘Skill Fruit’ (巧果 qiǎo guǒ /chyaoww-gwor/ ‘skill fruit’): fried, thin pastries of different shapes.

Chinese Valentines Day

Language Tips: How to Say Valentines Day in Chinese

情人节 (Valentine’s Day): qíng-rén-jié or /ching-rnn-jyeh /

情人节快乐 (Happy Valentine’s Day): qíng-rén-jié kuài-lè or /ching-rnn-jyeh kwhy-ler/

How China’s Valentine’s Day Is Celebrated Now

Double Seven Festival is the most romantic of traditional Chinese festivals, and since China’s globalization it’s become known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day“.

Now people usually celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, chocolates, and other presents to their sweethearts, instead of doing the traditional customs.

Though in Chinese cities, Western Valentine’s Day is now more popular than Qixi with young people,the romantic legend of Niulang and Zhinü has taken deep root in the hearts of Chinese people. It probably always will be told from one generation to the next…

happy valentines day in chinese

What Gifts Should You Give Your Love in China?

Most of the gifts for Valentine’s Day are the same as in western countries, such as:
Gifts from gentlemen: flowers (traditionally red roses), chocolates, jewelry, a dress, a fashionable bag, underwear (not suitable for those who have just started dating), a comb, a necklace, etc.
Gifts from ladies: a watch, a tie, a shirt, a shaver, a wallet, a lighter, etc.

As a gentleman, if you choose a bouquet of yellow roses as the gift to your girl, you might need to a volume of explanation, because presenting yellow roses to someone you love generally symbolizes the declaration of breaking up.

No Umbrella and Shoes for Valentine’s Day Gifts

These items would be fine for married couples. But if you are just going out or engaged, you might need to pay some attention to the perceived meanings below. It could help you avoid bad omens, according to ever, you may choose to pay no attention to them, because many of the young people in China now ignore it.

An umbrella should not be a gift for your love. This is because the Chinese for “umbrella” is 伞 (san), which sounds the same as 散 (‘breaking up’).

Shoes should not be a gift for your love either. This is because presenting shoes implies “packing off your love”. However, if you have your love refund 1 yuan, the curse will be broken.

Chinese Valentine’s Day Sayings

Chinese Valentine’s Day Sayings

但愿人长久, 千里共婵娟 (dàn yuàn rén cháng jiǔ, qiān lǐ gòng chán juān)Though miles apart, sharing the beauty of the graceful moonlight, we wish long-lasting lover. The saying is especially for those who cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

执子之手, 与子偕老 (zhí zǐ zhī shǒu, yǔ zǐ xié lǎo)With you I made an agreement: when I grasped your hand and I vowed to spend the rest of my life with you.

有情人终成眷属 (yǒu qíng rén zhōng chéng juàn shǔ)All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill. love will find a way.

爱你一万年 (ài nǐ yí wàn nián)Love you forever.

我爱你, 就像老鼠爱大米 (wǒ ài nǐ jiù xiàng lǎo shǔ ài dà mǐ)I love you as mice love rice.

Chinese Valentine day Love messages for Boyfriend

 Love is in the air because Chinese Valentine’s Day is here…. I pray to God that we always stay together and our bond of love flourishes with each passing day….. Sending my love and best wishes on Chinese Valentine’s Day to the best boyfriend in this world.

Chinese Valentine day Love messages for Boyfriend

 There was a day when we were strangers and today is the day when you are my boyfriend…. Let us celebrate this beautiful journey of love on the romantic occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day…. Love you lots my darling!!!

Whenever I look into your eyes, I see my world in them because you are the one around which my life revolves and without you I am incomplete….. Sending my love and warm hugs on the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day my dear.

Chinese Valentine Day Greetings Messages for Girlfriend

Having found you, I have found the reason for my existence, I have found my life, I have found my happiness….. Thanks for coming into my life….. Wishing you a very Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day to the most gorgeous girlfriend in this universe.

When you hold my hand, I feel like the happiest and the luckiest man in this world because I know that till the time you are with me, everything is going to be right and my life is going to be bright….. With lots of love, wishing you Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.

I don’t know what life has for both of us but there is one thing I know that I love you the most in this world and I will always be there for you no matter what the circumstances are…. With all my heart, I wish you Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day darling….. Love you always!!!

Happy Chinese Valentines Day Sayings

Chinese Valentine’s Day Wishes for lover

The first day when I met you, I knew we had some connection, I could see my life partner in you…. Such is the magic of love and I am really thankful to God for sending you in my life…. Warm wishes on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Today is Chinese Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love, the day to celebrate the most precious relationship….. You are my life and my life is nothing without you….. Sending you my best wishes on Chinese Valentine’s Day my love.

On the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you that no matter what happens, I will always keep you safe and smiling, no matter how life is, you will always rule my heart…. I love you today and I promise to love you forever.

Chinese Valentine Day Greeting Messages for Wife

Marrying you has been the best thing that has ever happened to me because you came into my life and you made me the happiest man…… On the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you that you will always be the queen of my heart…. Love you my wife.

Darling, you make the best wife because you love me without any conditions, you pamper me without any restrictions and you respect me without any complication….. Cheers to our marriage and a very Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day my pretty wife.

Chinese Valentines Day Sayings

A wife completes a man in every sense….. She complements him and supports him, she becomes his strength and his motivation, she becomes his success and inspiration…. To my lovely wife, a very Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Chinese Valentine Day Messages for Husband

When I found you, I felt blessed but when I married you, I felt blessed for life…. God is truly happy with me because he has gifted me the most loving and caring husband in this world…. With lots of love, Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.

On the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you that I love you the most and I also want to tell you that I will keep loving you all my life on each and every day of my life…. To the best husband, a very blessed and Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day.

When God is happy with you, he sends an angel in your life which has the power to make you smile, power to make you fall in love and power to teach you to live and you are that angel sent by God in my life….. Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day my dear husband.

Chinese Valentine Day Messages for Family and Friends

The first love for every person is his family and on the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I want to tell my sweet family that I love you all and you are the most precious to me in this world…. May this love and happiness always prosper.

Finding a friend is not easy because nothing good comes easy in life…. It was quite a tough task to find a friend like you and as we celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day, I want to tell you that I love you like no one else would ever love you.

On the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, I thank God for giving me such a loving family and such caring friends that complete me in every way, that make each and every day of my life beautiful….. A very Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day to all!!!

Chinese Valentine Day Messages

Dates of Chinese Valentine’s Day

In China time zone, 
Year 2017 is on August 28, 2017
Year 2018 is on August 17, 2018
Year 2019 is on August 7, 2019
Year 2020 is on August 25, 2020
Year 2021 is on August 14, 2021
Year 2022 is on August 4, 2022


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