First Friday of Ramadan Quotes 2019

First Friday of Ramadan Quotes 2020 (First Jumma) Greetings, Messages, Wishes

Here we are in  the month of Ramadan and  Allah (SWT) has blessed Muslims with some beautiful days in this month. In this month, each day is very important and we must make full use of each day to please Allah (SWT). However, the first Juma of Ramadan is very special and we must make it special for our loved ones as well. We need to wish them and pray for them the best.

First Friday of Ramadan Quotes
. First Friday of Ramadan Quotes

First Friday (First Jumma) of Ramadan Quotes from Quran & Hadith 2020

In the whole Islamic year, we know that the Ramadan is the best month and it allows us to get closer to Allah (SWT). In this month, we get a chance to purify our souls and hearts. Ramadan gives us a chance to ask for forgiveness and do good deeds. The holy month of Ramadan is so special because it helps us to shift our focus from this world to Allah(SWT). We need to make full use of our time praying and pleasing our creator. Here are some of the best hadidts which you can share with your loved ones. Share and earn rewards and bounties of Allah (SWT). Pray for everyone and for the whole Ummah.

” O you who believe! When the call for salah is made on al -Jummah hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave trading aside. That is better for you if only you knew.” [62:9]

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This is a day of ‘Eid that Allah has ordained for the Muslims, so whoever comes to Jumu‘ah, let him do ghusl, and if he has any perfume let him put some on, and you should use the miswaak.

Come to Masjid early for the Jumma (Friday) prayer and earn bonus reward of as much as offering a camel.

Αbu Said al-Κhudri reports that Τhe Prophet S-Α-W said: ωhoever recites Surat Αl-Kahf

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Οn Jumah will Ηave illumination from Τhe light from οne Jumah to Τhe next.(Αn-Nasa’i, al-Βaihaqi,and al Ηakim)….

“Friday is the balance of the week, Ramadan is the balance of the year and Hajj is the balance of the life. – imam ibn Al-Qayyim ”

The best day the sun rises over is Friday; on it Allah created Adam. On it, he was made to enter paradise, on it he was expelled from it, and the Last Hour will take place on no other day than Friday.

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When it is Friday, The angels stand every door of the mosque and record the people in order of their arrival.

When imam sits, (on the pulpit for delivering the sermon) The angels fold up their sheets and listen to the mention (of Allah).

He who comes Early is like one who offers a She-Camel as a sacrifice the next, like one who offers a Cow the next, a Ram, The next A HEN. The Next an EGG.

First Friday of Ramadan Messages
First Friday of Ramadan Messages

First Friday of Ramadan Quotes, Messages & Greetings

Put aside your pride,

set down your arrogance

and remember your grave.

Happy First Friday of Ramadan!!

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Whoever read Surah Al Kahf on the day of Jummah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the Next. Jummah Mubarak.

May The Light of Jumma,

Shine In Your House.

The Strength of Eemaan,

Stay in Your Heart.


May Allah Shower

His Countless Blessings

On You & Your Family

on This Holy Day.

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Keep Calm & Clean

This is the First Friday of Ramadan!

Have a blessed Friday.

Today is Jummah, The Brightest Day of the week. So, Clean yourself, offer Prayers, Make Dua, Recite Drood,and Read Surat Kahf.

First Friday of Ramadan Messages
First Friday of Ramadan Messages

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