Nicknames for the love in your life come in all shapes and sizes. They are a great way to show affection to your special guy! Of course you can send long paragraphs for him or romantic love quotes for your boyfriend to make surprise and he feel loved and cared. But cute nicknames for guys also make your relationship even more special.



Hawk – Hawk is someone strong, cool and brave.

Dred – Mr. Dredd, strong, loyal and awesome.

Dancing Madman – Cool as a Madman, you know that ONE!

Dangle – There is nothing wrong with Dangle, but it’s kinda meh.

Jigsaw – Like a Jigsaw from the SAW movies.

Knuckles – He is strong and powerful like a Peaky Blinder!

Cereal Killer – This man can eat all of the cereal in one go!

Brainiac – He has a smart brain, like a Brainiac!

Mad Jack – Jack Sparrow was super cool but super MAD!

Roadblock – Nobody can run over this cool guy, nobody.

Champ – This guy is Champion. The name may stick to him forever.

Cool – Right nickname to call a cool guy.

Vegas – What happen in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Macho – This hombre has no problem with ladies.

Ace – Powerful, smart, educated and super cool!

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Papa Smurf – Now this one is super infantile but really stylish.

Alpha – We all know alpha males, right?

Judge – Judge, like a strong, loyal and law obeying citizen.

Take Away – You spend lots of time together.

Sleepwalker – This man looks like he is stoned all the time.

Good Lookin – Old school (but cute) pet name that will get the job done.

Cutiepie – Cute + pie = cutness overloaded!



Cuddly Bear – For a guy who loves to cuddle all the time.

Wonderful – Good old classic nickname for him that will say how you adore him.

Everything – A name that says he is everything for you.

Kissy Face – Perfect for a guy whose kisses are irresistible.

Knight in Shining Armor – A classic nickname that every man will love.

Gum Drop – A super cute name that looks like something right out of middle school.

Hunny / Hun / Hun Bun – A simple, classic and cute way to call your guy.

Pumpkin – I do not know a person who would not like to be called a “pumpkin”. It is just too adorable to not like it.

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Puppy / Pup – Because he is as cute as a little puppy.

Snuggy / Snuggles – Does he love to cuddle ith you all the time? Then look no further.

Teddy / Teddy Bear – Perfect for a man who is big and soft.

Dimples – If he has irresistible dimples in his cheeks.

Sunshine – Cute way to tell him that he lightens up your day.

Bumblebee – Is you guy hardworking and incredibly cute? Then call him “Bumblebee”.

Bunbuns – Very cute way to call him anytime.

Twinkle – Cute nickname for him to make him smile.

Apple – Ideal for a sweet and tender person.

Baby / Babe / Baby Face – A very common pet names for men who have a cute baby appeal.

Angel – Excellent way to tell him how sweet and cute he is to you.

Adorable – Simply because he is adorable and cute.

Darling – Ideal way to call him when the two of you are alone.

Boo / Boobear – Super-cute name that can be used anytime.

BooBoo – If he is the one who gives the kisses on all your booboos then you have a perfect pet name here.


Cute Pants – He is so cute even when he wears his pants.

Fruit Loops – Perfect for a guy who is always sweet and a little bit crazy.

Heart Throb – A special pet name for a guy who always increases your heartbeat.

Panda Bear – Who does not love panda bear? It is so sweet and rare just like him.

Button – Is he small but cute? Then you have a perfect nickname for him.

Funny Hunny – Dating the class clown? This is the pet name for you.

Monkey – A perfect name for a cheeky and playful dude.

Cute Nicknames For Guys You Are In Love With

Nutty – It’s cute because we’re all a little nutty sometimes!

Quackers – Perfect for a man who’s cute, but a little weird.

Spanky – You want to spank his ass!

Obi-Wan – This is great for Star Wars fan!

Wonka – Like a Wonka from the Chocolate Factory.

Bagel – You really really really like him.

Spongebob – We all know funny SpongeBob, don’t we?

Big Mac – He is big like a Mac, like a BIG MAC!

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Big Stinky Pete – Now this one needs nothing else to write down.

Frodo – He needs to destroy the One Ring to Rule them All!

Alf – Like a little weird alien.

Wreck-It Ralph – He wants to destroy everything.

Toastmaster – He knows how to speak in every situation.

Girth – Ehm, ladies?

Taco – Mexicans really like tacos, am I right?

Godzilla – Big and wants to destroy everything!

Cute Nicknames For Guys You Are In Love With
Cute Nicknames For Guys You Are In Love With

Bob Zombie – He wants to eat your brains!

Dirty Bird – This guy says always dirty things.

Eye Candy – Because when you see his eyes, you always have a taste for something sweet.

Baby Cakes – If a baby is too common, baby cakes will do the trick.

Yummers / Yummy / YumYum – Because he is just so damn yummy.

Honey Bunny – Is he cute, fluffy and soft? Then he will love this one.

Honey / Honey Bunch – A classic pet name for a classic guy.

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Honey Bear – He is big and sweet. He is simply a “Honey Bear”.

Hot Chocolate – Just because everyone loves hot chocolate.

Jelly / Jelly Bear / Jelly Bean – This one is sweetness overloaded. Trust me he will love it (unless he is fat).

Marshmallow – Soft guy with a super-sweet heart.

Oreo – Because he is as delicious as those sweet cookies, Oreos!

Pancakes – Just because he loves pancakes it does not mean that he is sweet. But we all know he is!

Pudding Pop / Pudding Pie – This one is just as sweet as a little meowing kitten. My teeth hurt.

Sweetie / Sweetums / Sweetness – Perfect for a man with sweet face and kind heart.

Cute Nicknames for Guys & Boys

Suga / Sugar / Sugary – Another classic that will make him smile.

Muffin – Everyone loves muffins and he will love this nickname.

Peach / PeachyPie – Who does not love delicious peaches?

Cupcake / Cuppycakers – There’s nothing sweeter than your cupcake-loving guy.

Chocoboy – Incredibly cute pet name.

Sweet Potato – Because he is a very sweet couch-potato.

Sugar Lips / Sugar Cube – Perfect for a guy who has irresistible lips.

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Pookie Bear / Snookie Bear – Is he big and soft? Do you love to poke him or cuddle with him? Then look no further.

Snookums – So sweet pet name that it makes my teeth hurt.

Nightlight – Because he brings you light even when everything else is dark.

Winkie – Perfect for super-adorable man.

Wonder Boy – Because there is nothing he will not do for you.

Cuddle Cakes – Isn´t this one perfect? Cuddles and a cake seem like a perfect day.

Candy – Simple and sweet pet name for a cute guy.

Doodle Bug – Everyone loves such a cute and sweet bug.

Dearie – Because he is dear to you and miraculous as a faerie!

Giggles – He will always smile when you will call him this sweet nickname.

Heisenberg – Perfect for a badass guy who is as clever and cunning as he is strong.

Volcano – Ideal nickname for a guy who hides his strength deep inside him.

Hulk – For a guy who mas huge muscle mass.

Hammer – He has incredibly strong hands that can bend anything.

Colossus – Because he is your world wonder. Muscle everywhere!


Romantic Nick Names For GF/BF

Stallion – Perfect for that masculine, powerful and passionate guy.

Angus – One who is incredibly strong.

Big Guy – Any man will love this masculine nickname (unless he is really small).

Hercules – Self-explanatory pet name for a man who can lift mountains for you.

Iron Man – Because he is cocky, funny and incredibly strong.

Knockout – Intimidating nickname for his ability to knock out each and every one around you in a jiffy.

Knight – Because he will always fight for your honor.

Bad Boy – A teasing nickname that every guy loves to hear.

Chief – Because he is the dominating one who decides on everything.

Cowboy – The right name for a strong dude with rough manners.

Captain – Aye, aye, captain! This one shows respect and admiration.

Jock / Jockey – For a manly guy who loves sports.

Tiger – Because he is your beast of prey who protects you all the time.

Tough Guy – Because there is nothing that will break him.

Rock Star / Super Star – For a manly guy who lives under the motto: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll.

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Superman – Because he is strong and perfect in everything.
A wonderful nickname that can really make him act like a Super Man. He will be your real Super Man.

Tarzan – Perfect for a hairy and strong guy who has a heart in the right place.

Ultimate – Because he has authority, willpower, and responsibility

Yankee – Perfect choice for a guy who is a baseball lover.

Viking – Because he is a natural fighter with a lot of facial hair.

Dare Devil / Daredevil / Devil – For a guy who is dangerous and loves a challenge.

Zorro – A classic pet name for a man who fights in a shady way for a good cause.

Daddy / Big Daddy / Big Pappa – Some guys just love to be called this way. It shows respect, love, and loyalty.

Invincible – He is so strong that no one can stop him in what he does.

Romantic Nick Names For GF/BF
Romantic Nick Names For GF/BF


Popeye – Just because he has huge biceps and loves spinach.

Key to My Life – Is he the one that holds the key to your heart?

Everything – Simply because he is everything you ever wanted.

Hot Buns – He will love any pet name that includes a hot word. Trust me.

Other Half – Perfect for a guy ho completes your life.

My Love – A classic name for a love of your life.

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Kissy Face – Because he has a face you can not stop kissing.

Love Muffin – Simply because you love that guy.

Love – Simple, cute and self-explanatory.

The Love of My Life – A highly romantic nickname to call your loved one.

Soul Mate / Soulmate – Because you two are meant to be together.

My Prince – hile it may be a cheesy one men always love to be called this way.

One and Only – A classic and romantic nickname for a man of your dreams.

Papi – This one is perfect for a guy who you love because he is a perfect father.

Darling – Straightforward pet name for a guy you love.

Favorite – Because he is your heart´s favorite.

Kissy Face – Use this one only when you two are alone together. Trust me he will love it.

Wonderboy – Perfect for a guy who makes wonders for you.

Amante – This one means a “Lover” in Spanish. It is very sexy.

Dirty Boy – Is he the naughty one? Call him by this very sexy pet name in private.

Heart & Soul / H&S – Is he your everything? Then call him “H&S” or “Hearth & Soul”.


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