Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister

160+ Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister

Bored of greeting your brother with an usual Birthday wish, check out our collection of ‘160+ Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister’

Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother
Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister

I want to wish my little bro a very Happy Birthday!! I miss you so much but I know you are in heaven watching down on me!! I know you and grandpa are dancing the night away. :-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

An extra special brother should have an extra special birthday! Celebrate! You deserve the best!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Brother, you are a super Star today As you celebrate your special day!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Today you rule, Bro! I hope that your special day is rocking as always!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Did I tell you that you are the coolest brother anyone could ever have! All those great moments that we shared are so precious to me.:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Brothers then, now and forever! I wanna wish you a special day filled with good memories!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

For my favorite brother! I wish you all your favorite things on your Birthday! Here’s a great big hug full of love.:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

You have always been my best friend. Enjoy your Birthday, Junior!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

You always bring a sweet smile to my face! Happy Birthday Brother!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Happy Birthday to my little brother who is lucky enough to have the best sister in the world 😉:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

On this Birthday, you are taller than me..But still you are little brother for me.:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Birthday wishes for my brother who deserves all the best. Today is your Big Day to be above the rest!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Happy Birthday, bro, have a purpose filled the day.:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

The best little brother in the world birthday is today!:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Singing Happy Birthday to my favorite family member, my ride or die, he is my everything, my only brother in the world.:-Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother

Happy birthday, dear brother! May this year bring the most wonderful things into your life, you truly deserve it!

I consider myself a very lucky person, because I found the best friend in my brother. You are a true inspiration to me, happy bday!

You’ve always been here for me, I know we fuss and fight, But I love you with all my might. You are my big brother, And there is no other. Happy Birthday my dear brother!

Happy Birthday to my mother’s second great gift! Happy birthday to my beloved brother!

Happy Birthday bro. I wonder if I will ever be able to repay my dues, after what you’ve done for me in my life.

Many people call you their friend. I brag that you are my brother. Happy Birthday.

I shall never be without a friend as long as you are my brother. Happy Birthday.

Every single memory of my childhood reminds me all the reasons I’m glad you are my brother. From the bottom of my heart Happy Birthday!

Though we now walk different paths, I feel better knowing that my brother is nearby. Happy Birthday.

I could never match the gifts you have given to me by being my brother, but today I will try.

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I would like to my wonderful caring little brother in law a very happy birthday. I hope you have a great day.

Your birthday is a special day and it is so great that we can celebrate it together!

Thank you for being an excellent friend and the most caring brother to me. Happy Bday!

The best thing in life that parents gave me is such a wonderful brother! You always know how to bring a big smile on my face. Have an exciting Big Day!

I feel proud that the most amazing person in the world is my dear brother. Have a brilliant birthday, bro!

Birthdays by themselves are precious gifts, Brother. That’s why I wish you to receive lots and lots of them!

My brother it’s your birthday, It‘s such a special time, And memories of fun we had Will come again to mind!

Everyone dreams of having a brother like you. Wishing your celebration brings lots of special moments to remember!

Some special words on your birthday: keep smiling as long as you’ve those teeth.

Happy Birthday little brother! Hope you have a terrific day 😉

Happy Birthday! To the coolest little guy I know!

May be you are growing older every year, but to me you’ll always remain as my cute, little brother. Have a Happy Birthday.

My love for you will only grow with each passing year because you are my sweet little brother. Happy Birthday!

I cherish the beautiful bond we share! Have a Happy Birthday dear Brother.

Who needs a best friend when they have a brother as amazing as you? Happy Bday!

Nothing compares to the love of my dearest younger brother. Happy Birthday!

No brother in the world deserves a bigger “Happy Birthday” than you.

Your birthday reminds me of all the reasons I love you. Happy Birthday my little brother!

It’s a special day that only comes once a year..your birthday! Have an awesome day, Bro!

The greatest gift our parents gave us was each other. Happy Birthday Younger Brother!

I love you more than words could ever say, Happy Birthday little brother.

I love you like only a elder sister can. Happy Birthday my dear Brother.

Siblings have a bond that no one else can share. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Brother, From your Superior Sibling 🙂

Happiness is having a younger brother like you. Enjoy your birthday, Junior!

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A cute little brother like you deserve all the happiness in life, for today and forever in time. Happy Birthday Bro.

You’re the most loving and caring brother a sister could ever ask for. Happy birthday dear.

The moment you were born, you held a very special place in my heart and soul.

Since the day I held you in my arms I always knew, there could be no one more special for me than you. Happy birthday to my baby bro.

When you came to the family, I was mad and grumpy. But it was before, now I’m happy. Because you’re the cutest brother a sister could ever have! Happy Birthday, Baby!

My handsome little brother, May your birthday be filled all things good. Wishing you the best birthday ever!

On this special occasion of your birthday, i wish that we will be always be inseparable like fish and water. Wishing a happy birthday dear brother.

When I count my blessings, I count you twice my dearest brother. You have been my source of happiness and pride. Have a blessed birthday bro!

I never need a best friend, because I have always had you, Brother.

No matter how far we are from each other, I believe that we will always stay close in our hearts. Have an amazing Birthday!

Life goes by so fast, so take the time to enjoy your birthday like no other day. Have a wonderful birthday.

Today is your birthday, and I want you to know that I cherish each birthday I spend with you.

Accept my birthday gift. That is packed with love, care, and affection. Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

May you receive special gifts on your birthday . Gift of love, Gift of joy and Gift of good life. Wishing you all the best, Brother!

No amount of chocolates, flowers and gifts can suffice for the amount of love you have showered upon me all these years. Happy Birthday to the coolest and most loving brother around.

Even though we both are total opposites, I have always loved you to bits. Happy Birthday Bro.

I’ve seen you grow from a boy to a man. I am so proud of what you’ve become brother. Hearty birthday!

Hey, hey, hey Bro..It’s your birthday!

It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday! Happy birthday to the best brother a sister could ask for in life.

Every day I think of telling you just how much I love you. Let your birthday be the date. Have a wonderful year ahead, my little brother.

Even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. Happy Birthday, dear brother.

Having a younger brother like you is like opening a present every day! Wish you a birthday filled with joys, dreams, and love!

Keep calm and happy birthday little brother.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Happy birthday to the best younger brother in the whole world.

Happy Birthday to someone who is utterly fabulous. Have a blast on your birthday my lovely darling.

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Happy Birthday my crazy, wonderful, hilarious and truly amazing Brother.

You’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow, Happy Birthday Brother!

Bro, It’s your birthday – a time of happiness and rejoice!

A brother like you is a little piece of childhood that can’t even be lost. Wishing you a super Birthday!

The childhood memories that we share are something no one can take away from us. Happy Birthday Brother!

Hey Brother, I just want to tell you, I can’t imagine my life without you and I love you so much. Happy Bday!

In all the years I’ve known you, you haven’t changed. Somehow that makes the world a little brighter. Happy Birthday.

I would never wish for another brother, having you is more than enough 😉 Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my irreplaceable brother! I wish you an ocean of happiness!

Even though we’re siblings to the outside world. I consider you one of my closest friends in my heart. Happy Birthday Buddy.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m looking out for you today and every day little brother. Happy birthday!

Thank you for all the happy memories I cherish. Happy Birthday, Brother.

Every brother is special to someone, but to me, you’re the best brother a person could ask for. Happy birthday.

If you have nothing in life but a LOVING LITTLE BROTHER you’re rich

Happy Birthday to my brother. Ok, enough of that. Let’s party!

Ah! It’s your birthday and I had to remind mom to buy you a cake.

Happy birthday to someone who is forever young.

My warmest wishes on this truly special day. Happy birthday and many more to come.

The warmest wishes on your special day, bro! The moments that we shared are so precious to me. I hope we will have lots of them in the future as well!

Happy birthday my little brother. All best wishes for u may your wishes come true.

May all that is best in the world come your way on your birthday! Many happy returns of the day, my little brother!

Happiest birthday my dear brother! Please don’t grow up too fast, I still need to pick on you.

I am blessed to have a brother like you. My constant enemy 😉 but always there to make my day. Happy Birthday!

I am born lucky, B’coz I have a one-in-a-million sibling like YOU. I love you Bro, Happy Birthday.


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I am glad Mom and Dad didn’t listen when I said to take you back to the hospital. Happy Birthday Brother!

Next to dad, you are the most handsome man in the family! Happy Birthday Junior!

The best thing mom & dad have done is to give me a brother like you..Sweet birthday wishes to you.

Happy Birthday to you dear [fill name here]! It’s that day that we all remember just how special you are.

I am proud to call you my brother. Happy Birthday to my awesome little bro!

You have brought so much love and happiness into this family. Happy Birthday Brother.

Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest younger brother.

Those days and moments of childhood that I shared with you are very dear to my heart. I wish you a great birthday and many more to come.

Happy birthday to someone who is always young-at-heart.

I may joke around a lot, but I am serious when I say that you are the best brother a person can have. Happy birthday.

Being related to me is the only gift you need. Happy Birthday, brother 😉

For your birthday, I’m going to treat you like you’ve always treated me. Just think about that for a second. Happy Birthday!

Mirrors don’t lie – you’re getting old. Happy Birthday 😉

I know you hate getting older, but today is the day you are truly old!

I hope that this birthday will make you a little wiser, but we both know that won’t happen 😉

Brothers and sisters are supposed to fight, but we’ve been lucky to be best friends. Happy birthday, Bestie.

Bro! Happy Birthday. May today be filled with fun and laughter.

It‘s a great blessing to have such a loving and understanding brother like you. I love you and wish you a brilliant birthday!!!

You are really my favorite younger brother..Have a fantastic birthday!

There is no other day that I am happier to call you my brother than today, your birthday.

There is no other day like today – your birthday – that puts a smile on my face. Happy Bday little one.

My sweet Li’l brother..Many more happy returns of the day.

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Happiness is the love of a brother. Many more happy returns of the day.

Happiness is having a brother like you. Sending you lots of love today.

Wishing a wonderful younger brother a wonderful birthday!

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister
Sweet Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother from Elder Sister

Birthday Wishes for Little Brother

A brother is the one with whom we have a lot of childhood memories. Brother is also the one who protect you like a hero. Birthdays wishes for a brother are one of the most remarkable way to express your love and respect for him. It is the best way to admire him and also wish him a soulful happy birthday. This birthday, wish your brother by sending him a heartfelt wish. If you find it difficult to write such a wish, then don’t worry. Here, we have a collection of heartwarming messages.

Dear bro, with each passing year you are growing into a handsome man. Wishing my handsome brother a very happy birthday.

Now that you have turned 21 and an adult, it is time to act with maturity. Happy birthday, dear brother!

It is such a pleasure seeing you grow into a handsome man. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear brother.

Dear brother, I am coming over to celebrate your birthday and bringing along a basket full of goodies. Wishing you a very happy birthday, bro.

The best day of the year has arrived. So, let us celebrate it with a lot of joy. Happy birthday, bro!

Dear bro, you are precious and irreplaceable. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

An elder brother is the best teacher and guide in the world. Dear brother, thanks for all the guidance and words of wisdom. Happy birthday!

Dear brother, as the years progress so does the love between us. Happy to have a brother like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday, bro.

Thanks for all the guidance and support that you have given me all these years. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear brother.

You are my best pal and mentor. Wishing you a very happy birthday brother.

Happy Birthday Messages For Brother | Birthday Wishes For Brother

I have been waiting all through the year for this day. Let us celebrate and enjoy the day. Wishing you a very happy birthday, bro.

May God gift you wisdom, peace and happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear brother.

May hope and optimism be your strongest allies in the journey of life. Happy birthday, bro!

May God bless you with every joy and happiness. Happy Birthday.

You were my hero right from the start, and the truth is that I have always wanted to be like you. Wishing you a happy and joyous birthday.

Though there have been some moments between us where it would be hard to say I liked you, brother, you should know that I have always loved you and respect you for what you were, are, and will be.

On your birthday, let us promise to never be separated from each other’s heart despite the distance between us. My best wishes for you!

Happy Birthday, brother. Okay now that’s done. Let’s go party!

When I think of you, I can’t help but smile from happiness. On your birthday, my every thought is for happiness and joy in your life. Happy Birthday!

Those days and moments of childhood that I shared with you are very dear to my heart. I wish you a great birthday and many more to come.

Birthday Wishes for Little Brother
Birthday Wishes for Little Brother


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