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Pakistan (Islamic republic of Pakistan) is greatest Islamic Country in this world. Pakistan was founded by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 14th August 1947. Pakistan has brief history like the main concept of Pakistan was kept by Allama Muhammad Iqbal in 29th December 1930, The name Pakistan was declared in 28th January 1933 by Chaudhary Rehmat Ali, Pakistan Resolution was passed in 23rd March 1940. Pakistan was established as Islamic Republic in 23rd March 1956. In this article we will discuss the Lahore resolution which also known as the Pakistan Resolution 1940. Lahore Resolution which is famous as the Resolution of Pakistan was passed in 23rd March 1940 in the Minto Park which now-a- days is known as Iqbal Park of Lahore. The Lahore Resolution day is also known as Republic day.It is a national holiday in Pakistan to admire the Lahore Resolution day {23 March 1940} and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan during the transition of the territory of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 23 March 1956 making Pakistan the world’s first Islamic republic.

Pakistan Resolution Day

The people of Pakistan celebrate 23rd March every year to remember the Lahore resolution day .The Lahore Resolution day parade by the armed forces is a common celebration for the event. The day is celebrated in the memory to commemorate the event when the Muslim League drafted the political resolution at the Minar-e-Pakistan,that called for establishing an independent federation comprising provinces with Muslim majority located in north-western and north-eastern region of British controlled territories in India on 23rd March 1940. Main celebrations are held in Islamabad– the capital of Pakistan .On 23rd March the President of Pakistan is usually the Chief Guest of the event .News channels cover the whole event live. The holiday include a full military and civilian parade in the capital, Islamabad regarding the celebration. The event is held early morning. The celebration are well managed by armed force.

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Pakistan Resolution Day
Pakistan Resolution Day

Lahore Resolution 1940: The Father Document

The Lahore Resolution [now Pakistan Resolution], actually, expressed the idea of the state of Pakistan. It is only text that was discussed and agreed by the leaders of all corners of Indian sub-continent under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It is the only document that can be referred as the “father document” of Pakistan.

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Let’s celebrate the day with enthusiasm and fervour as we have been commemorating the since the time ‘The Lahore Resolution’ was passed by the working committee of All India Muslim League; the endorsement of the same was done by the mammoth congregation of Muslims on March 23rd, 1940 who were gathered there from all across the British India.

Lahore Resolution 1940
Lahore Resolution 1940

Celebration of Pakistan Day

23rd March Pakistan resolution day is a nationwide day for Pakistan. This day is been experiential as a public day every part of over Pakistan. It is also discern by the given name of Pakistan Resolution Day Republic Day. Seeing that we all be familiar with that on 23rd March 1940 Pakistan Resolution come up to into observation. On this picky and subjected day, the incredibly first establishment of Pakistan was been take on and Pakistan nation was reassign and changed into Islamic Republic of Pakistan

The Resolution addressed the Muslim question in the political and constitutional context of British India and pointed out to the course of action, the Muslim League intended to adopt to secure the Muslim identity, rights and interests.

It underlined the principles that were relevant to the modern state system and the political context of British India. It made five specific demands [Please go through the original text of the resolution available in the article].

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The Resolution consequently offered a new course of action for the Muslims of British India as compared to the Muslim League position adopted on constitutional and political issues in the past. It gave rise to the change in strategy but not in goal, which remained the same.

The All India Muslim League’s goal since its inception in December 1906 was to protect and advance Muslim socio-cultural identity, rights and interests in British India’s socio-political and constitutional context.

The Majority of Pakistani specially The Youth is Patriot and follow the footsteps of Quaid-e-Azam, but unfortunately Pakistani Government time to time messed up the idealogy of Pakistan completely. In 1940 The muslims decided their destiny hence not for the way it is in the present 2014, everything is totally opposite and messed up completely.

Celebration of Pakistan Day
Celebration of Pakistan Day

Last Year Balochistan Liberation Army ( BLA ) Blown off  Quaid’s Residency  , Sad and Shameful for the Government, Only one gaurd as assigned to take care of this treasure, that’s not all you won’t believe what’s happening at Mazar-e-Quaid  , I am sure after watching these both posts and the videos you will definitely become a rebel anti Government. 

Quaid-e-Azam always spoken about the Justice but that does not exist anymore for the ordinary Pakistani at all.  Governments are so Corrupt that even the election rigging cannot be sorted out. Billions and Trillions of dollars going where, no ordinary Pakistan can tell still we have the Education , Health and Basic Necessities issues lying in front of us.

Where is Quaid’s Pakistan? Why only Youth Cares and nobody else even remembers what he said and what Pakistan should’ve been by now. In 1960 ” Pakistan was about to be the Asian Tigers ” one of the leading South Asian Country in the region but after the fall of Dhaka everything changed.

Until 1973 There was no Authentic Constitution in the country, although 1958 Constitution existed but don’t know who and how practiced it. What 1973’s constitution changed for an ordinary man in Pakistan ! NOTHING until now there is no sign of Justice.

Don’t Blame the youth for the wrong decisions and plannings, Government is busy somewhere else while distributing Laptops and Loan with Interest which is Haram in Islam for the Youth.

Still we have the chance to Save Pakistan from these Corrupt people in Power, You and I make the difference, trust me, we live and die for our motherland and we have that same spirit to lead our country proudly, InshaAllah we will succeed.

INCPak is not only Independent News Coverage Pakistan , We are determined, United , Committed and Devoted to serve our People, We have no difference and this day is very important for us, we are Thankful of everyone those who Anticipated in Pakistan Resolution in 1940, Without it, we wouldn’t had this beautiful land known as Pakistan ” No matter where you go in Pakistan, You feel like Home” because it is.

23rd March Pakistan Day SMS Free in Urdu

May Allah Bless Us
All With Integrity
To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand
The True Meaning Of
23th March Pakistan Resolution 1947 Passed On This Day.

Mera Dil Teri Muhabbat ka hai Jan Baksh Diyar
Mera Seena teri Hurmat ka hai Sangeen Hisaar
Mere Mehboob Watan Tujh pe agar Jaan ho Nisaar,
Mein Ye Samjhoon ga Thikane Laga Sarmaya-e-Tan ..;;
Ae watan payare watan Pak watn
Pakistan Tujhe Salaam
Roushan Rahey Tera Kalaam
Raat Aur Din Chamke Tera Naam.
Wish You 23 March 1947..!!!
23rd March Pakistan Day SMS Free in Urdu
23rd March Pakistan Day SMS Free in Urdu

May ALLAH blesss Pakistan with True peace, dignity, honor and give him long life “Aameen”.

Keep Pakistan and it’s people in your prayers. Not to forget those who lost their lives during the creation of this great nation.

Manzil un hi ko milti hai,
Jin k sapnon mein jaan hoti hay.
Paroon se kuch nahi hota
“HOSLON” se Udaan hoti hay.
Happy Pakistan (پاکستان)Resolution Day..!!

A true Patriot Must Always Be Ready
To fight & Defend His Nation & Country Against His Government.
Happy Resolution Day 1947

Kis Mein Himmat Hai Hmari Perwaaz Mein Khalal Dalay,
Hum Paroon Se Nahi Hosloon Se Urra Kerte Hain.

I Luv Pakistan

P= Parveen

A= Aisha

K= Kalsoom

I= Iram

S= Saira

T= Tehreem

A= Asma

N= Nazish

Pakistan Meri Jaan Sb Sy Pehly Pakistan

I Luv Pakistan..!!!


On Pakistan Day May Allah Bless Us

All With Integrity 2 Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand The True Meaning

Of Pakistan Resolution Passed On This Day



Ghulami Main Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsheerain Na Tadberain
Joo Hoo Zuq-e-Yaqeen Paidaa Tu Kaat Jaati Hain Zanjerain

(Happy Pakistan Day, Long Live Pakistan)

Aysi Zameen Or Asman
Inke Siwa Jana Kahan…?
Barhti Rahe Ye Roshni
Chalta Rahe Ye Karwan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan….



22 March
Aj 22 March hy
QAID AZAM ne Frmaya,
k jo logon ko 22 March ki khabr dega ussay
Ek Din baad
23 March 1940 ki Chutti milegi.

Today we are miles apart
but I wanna reach across the miles
say i am thinking of you
in a very special way.
Happy Independence Day

Others May Have forgotten
But Never Can We
The Flag Of My Country Furls Very High

Happy Pakistn Day
No Nation Is Perfect
Needs 2o Be Made
Be Proud to be A Pakistani


|** ( * *** 

Khuda Kray K Meri Arz E Pak Pe Utray
Wo Fasl E Gul, Jisay Andaisha E Zawal Na Ho.


May ALLAH Bless Us
All With Integrity
To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand
The True Meaning Of


Hum To Mit Jaien
Gey Ae ARZ-e-Watan
Lakin Tum ko
Zinda Rehna Hai
Qayamat ki Sehar
Honay Tak

HAPPY 23 MarcH.


|=–.!.__..- (* -=-._;

Aisi Zameen Aur Aasman
Inkay Siwa Jaana Kahan
Bhadti Rahay Yeh Roshni
Chalta Rahay Yeh Karvan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan…
Happy Pakistan Day

Never Forget The Heroes
Who Sacrifice Their Lifes
To Bring Up This Glorious Day To Pakistan..
***Happy Resolution Day***

Ghulami Mai Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsheerain Na Tadbeerain

Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqeen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjeerain

Happy Pakistan Day

Long Live Pakistan

Hamara Khoon Bhi Shamil Hai Taza’ieney Gulistan Mein,
Hamey Be Yaad Kar Lena Chaman Mein Jab Bahar Aay ..!!

May ALLAH Bless Us
All With Integrity
To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand
The True Meaning Of



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